We have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, however, if we have not answered all of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Q: Who requires a visa to visit China?
A: A visa is required by ALL travellers to China or via China (in transit) to an onward destination.

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Hong Kong and Macao?
A: No, if you are travelling as a tourist or on a business trip a visa is not required for a UK passport holder. Please note that no entry will be permitted to Mainland China through any route without a visa.

Q: Do I need anything additional papers to visit Tibet?
A: YES, a Tibet Permit. For this a full itinerary will be required and a valid Chinese Visa.

Q: How long before I travel should I apply for my visa?
A: You cannot apply until 3 months before your departure date - We suggest applying a month before you depart.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a visa from the Chinese embassy?
A : It normally takes 5-7 working days to process.

Q: What type of passport do I need?
A: You need to have a passport with at least TWO blank consecutive pages.
For a Single or Double entry visa, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months;
For a Multiple entry visa, your passport must be valid for at least 12 Months

Q: How long is a visa valid for?
A: Tourist visa:
A single or double entry tourist visa is usually valid for entry within 3 month from the date of issue and is valid for a trip up to 30 days

The Multiple Entry Business visa is available for the following 3 periods:
Half a year
One year
All valid from the date of issue

Q: If I do not travel can I obtain refund of the cost of the visa
A: No

Q: If my application is declined by the Embassy, can I obtain refund of the cost of the visa?
A: No

Q: What extra documents do I need for children under 18 years old and of Chinese origin?
A: Applicants under 18 years old and of Chinese origin applying for a Chinese visa for the first time should provide the following documents:
1. The child's full birth certificate which must show both parents' names (original and copy);
2. Passports of both parents (original and copy of information page);
3. If one or both parents are Chinese passport holders, the permanent residence permit or valid UK visa (original and copy) of the Chinese passport holder is required;
4. Old Chinese passport (if applied) or People's Republic of China Exit and Entry Permit (if applied). NB: If you have previously successfully applied for a Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy London, you do not need to provide the above documents. The above documents are only required from first-time Chinese visa applicants

Q.  When will the fingerprints be taken?
A.  Please be aware that from 17th December 2018 onward, the visa centres in UK will  take a photograph and capture fingerprints for each applicant who are aged between 14 to  70 when applicants submitting their applications at the Visa Application Centre. Visitors to China whose fingerprints and photo do not match may be denied entry and should bear all the consequence

Q.  If I am an EU Citizen, do I need to provide any other documents?
A: You will need to complete the online application form. Please contact our office for further information.